Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested After Throwing Girl To Floor By Her Neck

A Florida sheriff’s deputy assigned to a school was arrested and charged with felony child abuse after he was caught on video grabbing a 15-year-old girl by the neck and slamming her to the floor.

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Willard Miller, 38, surrendered to authorities on Tuesday and was released on $5,000 bond to await trial. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

Miller was working as a school resource officer for Cross Creek School in Pompano Beach on Sept. 25 when surveillance video captured his violent interaction with the female student. The school, about 35 miles north of Miami, serves emotionally and behaviorally disabled students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

A judge allowed Willard Miller to be freed on a $5,000 bond to await trial on a felony child abuse charge. 

CBS Miami

A judge allowed Willard Miller to be freed on a $5,000 bond to await trial on a felony child abuse charge. 

In the video, released by the sheriff’s office, the girl can be seen tapping Miller’s leg with her foot moments before he grabs her by the neck with both his hands and throws her to the floor.

Then he’s seen flipping her over, putting his knee in her back and handcuffing her. The video shows him then pushing her through a doorway, causing her to hit a wall.

The student doesn’t appear to have been seriously hurt. Miller was charged under a child abuse law that specifies “without great bodily harm.”

Miller was removed from his position at the school and placed on administrative leave on Sept. 27. He was suspended without pay on Oct. 28.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony called Miller’s actions “deplorable” during a news conference Tuesday. He applauded school district officials for alerting the sheriff’s office to the deputy’s misconduct.

“It’s embarrassing, OK, when we have one individual that acts outside the confines of the oath that they take, it goes on every news channel, it spreads across the country,” Tony said.

“I’m tired of it,” he continued. “I’m going to fix it and I’m going to hold people accountable.”

Miller’s arrest follows several accusations against  Broward County Sheriff’s Office related to excessive force. A deputy was fired last week for punching a handcuffed man in a hospital bed in January.

Two other deputies are awaiting trial on misdemeanor charges of battery and falsifying police reports after a teen was pepper-sprayed and his head was slammed into the ground outside a McDonald’s in April.


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November 6, 2019 at 11:41AM

Broward sheriff fires deputy accused of punching suspect handcuffed to a hospital bed

A Broward sheriff’s deputy has been fired for punching an arrested man handcuffed to a hospital bed on Jan. 2, an act caught on the cop’s bodycam video.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony announced the termination Wednesday morning.

Tony said a 30-day suspension for Deputy Jorge Sobrino originally was recommended to him after an internal affairs investigation by the Professional Standard Commission, which is comprised of civilians, BSO union members and sheriff’s office command staff.

But after seeing the evidence, Tony decided that wouldn’t do.

October 30, 2019 at 02:41PM

Feds hit GirlsDoPorn owners with criminal sex trafficking charges

Federal prosecutors have charged three men and a woman with sex trafficking charges for operating the popular porn site GirlsDoPorn. At least 22 women featured on the site have sued the site’s owners, charging that the pornographers used lies and coercion to gain their participation.

The 22 women said they responded to ads for clothed modeling gigs. When they were asked to shoot porn instead, they initially resisted. But they went along with it after the company assured them that their videos would only be sold on DVD to customers outside the United States and would not be posted online. That turned out to be a lie, as their videos wound up on GirlsDoPorn, a website with plenty of American viewers.

“I was in a state of panic when I first found out,” one of the alleged victims testified in court. “I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.”

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October 10, 2019 at 10:06PM

Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Severing Brake Lines On More Than 140 Electric Scooters

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Fort Lauderdale police have arrested a man suspected with severing the brake lines of more than 140 electric scooters.

Police said the vandalism has been ongoing since April 2019 with the majority of the incidents occurring near the 1200 block of East Broward Boulevard.

On September 29th, the police arrested Randall Thomas Williams, 59, in the act of tampering with several electric scooters.

On that day, police said they located 20 scooters nearby and all of them had severed brake lines.

Thomas has been charged with Criminal Mischief, a third-degree felony.

Police urge anyone who witnessed the tampering of electric scooters to call 911 immediately.

They would like for you to contact the vendor if you find a scooter that appears to have been tampered with.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Fort Lauderdale Police at 954-828-5581 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).

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October 1, 2019 at 04:50PM

Suspended Margate cop arrested in undercover drug buy, police say

A Margate cop who was already suspended for testing positive for methamphetamine has been arrested during an undercover drug deal, a Lantana police report and court records show.

Christopher Kanan, 31, was arrested Wednesday, posted $19,500 bond and was freed from the Palm Beach County jail in fewer than five hours, records show.

Lantana police used an informant to nab Kanan for trying to buy an ounce of methamphetamine for $500 and a liter of GHB for $300, according to an arrest report.

Because Kanan already had a container of GHB in his truck when he showed up at an apartment near Lantana Road and Federal Highway to make his purchase, he also was charged with felony possession of the psychoactive depressant better known as the date-rape drug.

The road patrol officer they had suspended with pay on July 16. Kanan’s suspension on Wednesday was converted to unpaid leave and the agency launched a second internal affairs investigation, said Sgt. Michael Druzbik, a spokesman for Margate police.

The agency is restricted from commenting on active criminal and internal investigations, he said.

Kanan was hired on June 6, 2016 and has an annual salary of $61,904.96, Druzbik said.

Kanan’s name was blacked out on an arrest report filed on the Palm Beach County Clerk of Court’s website. The clerk’s online record, however, listed the defendant as Kanan and showed he was facing the exact same charges as the arrestee on the redacted police report.

The police informant had previously been arrested with over 16 ounces of methamphetamine, Lantana police aid.

The informant told police he knew a police officer who was willing to buy methamphetamine and GHB.

GHB has been dubbed the date-rape drug because of its ability, especially when combined with alcohol, to induce unarousable sleep. It gained popularity in the dance club scene because, in small doses, it induces euphoria and sociability and acts as an aphrodisiac.

GHB is comparable to ecstasy. Slang terms for it include liquid ecstasy, lollipops, liquid X or liquid E.

Through an exchange of text messages between the informant and Kanan, a drug deal was negotiated, police said.

Kanan, according to his arrest report, said he was in the market for one ounce of meth for $500 and a liter of GHB for $300 and he would be there in 45 minutes.

When Kanan got there he must have sensed something was amiss.

He was greeted by an undercover cop and told the person he’d negotiated the deal with — the informant — was in the shower.

“[Kanan] examined the water bottle [containing GHB] and the sham methamphetamine several times,” the police report said. “[Kanan] kept saying something doesn’t look right.”

Kanan said he wanted to take a bottle of water to his girlfriend who was outside in his truck, police said.

When he stepped outside, Kanan was arrested.

He carried two bundles of cash, one contained $500 and the other $300, and had a gun in his silver Ford pickup, along with a container of GHB, the report said.

At the police station, Kanan told investigators he “was currently on administrative suspension for testing positive for methamphetamine.”

He denied going to the apartment to buy drugs. Instead, Kanan told police he went there to pick up plastic bins for a friend who was moving into a new apartment.

“[He] stated he did not remember sending any text messages and refused to show me his messages on his phone,” Kanan’s arrest report said.

Kanan was booked into jail at 11:14 p.m. Wednesday, posted bond and was out by 4:08 a.m., records show.

His 29-year-old girlfriend, Zamantha Kluger, was not arrested but might be, Detective Sgt. Jim Eddy, of the Lantana Police Department, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

“I’m hoping she’s going to be charged,” he said.

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September 27, 2019 at 02:34PM

Florida city commissioner confronts deputy at awards ceremony over arrest

“You’re a bad police officer and you don’t deserve to be here,” Tamarac City Commissioner Mike Gelin told Broward County Deputy Joshua Gallardo.

South Florida city commissioner confronted a deputy at an awards ceremony honoring members of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for falsely arresting him four years ago.

The confrontation happened Wednesday at an Officer of the Month program at the Tamarac City Commission meeting. After Deputy Joshua Gallardo and others received their honors, Commissioner Mike Gelin is seen in a video grabbing the microphone and calling Gallardo back down to the floor.

“It’s good to see you again. You probably don’t remember me. But you’re the police officer who falsely arrested me four years ago,” Gelin says in a video obtained by NBC Miami. “You lied on the police report. I believe you are a rogue police officer, you’re a bad police officer and you don’t deserve to be here.”

Gallardo just nods his head, gives a thumbs-up sign and walks away after the commissioner finishes talking. Mayor Michelle Gomez then takes the microphone and thanks the sheriff’s office.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we appreciate as a whole BSO and everything you do for us,” Gomez says. “Thank you for your service to our community. We appreciate you. Please take that away from here today.”

Gallardo arrested Gelin in July 2015 for allegedly resisting and obstructing without violence, according to NBC Miami. Gelin had allegedly recorded police as they responded to a battery incident, the Miami Herald reported.

Gelin was not a city commissioner at the time, and the charges were dropped. Tamarac is about 14 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale.

Gomez and the Broward County Police Benevolent Association have publicly criticized Gelin for confronting the deputy at the ceremony.

“As a public official, Commissioner Gelin’s behavior towards a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy is unacceptable,” PBA president Rod Skirvin said in a statement posted on Facebook. The labor union said it had withdrawn its endorsement of Gelin.

“The Broward County PBA will not endorse any elected official who treats law enforcement officers with a complete lack of respect and common courtesy the way Commissioner Gelin did in his official duties representing the city of Tamarac,” Skirvin said.

Gomez said in a statement Saturday that Gelin’s comments were “highly inappropriate.”

“This was neither the time nor the forum to air personal grievances. I believe this clearly violated the City’s civility code,” she said. “This is NOT the way we treat employees or people who work for our City. There are proper channels to follow, but the Commissioner chose not to use them.”

The mayor said she has talked with the city attorney about what actions can be taken and thanked Gallardo for handling the situation in a “professional way.”

“I speak for the City of Tamarac when I say that we have the utmost respect for BSO and the Deputies who put their lives on the line each day to safeguard our community,” Gomez said.

Fellow Tamarac Commissioner Julie Fishman said in a Facebook postthat Gelin should have confronted the deputy in private.

“One of the most important ideas of being an elected official is conducting oneself with dignity and in an ethical manner; not using the office you are in for personal gain or personal use,” she wrote.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a statement Saturday on Facebook, Gelin thanked his supporters, writing: “Wrongful arrests can have life long and career altering consequences. It is important that justice applies to everyone.”

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September 28, 2019 at 06:01PM

Venezuelans arrested with $5 million worth of smuggled gold at Broward airport, feds say

Two men from Venezuela have been charged with smuggling an estimated $5 million worth of gold bars hidden inside the nose of a private plane that landed at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport last week.

The pilot, Victor Fossi Grieco, and passenger, Jean Carlos Sanchez Rojas, were arrested Friday in Fort Lauderdale after arriving from Caracas, Venezuela, according to a federal criminal complaint.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents noticed loose rivets on the plane’s nose compartment and discovered numerous gold bars under a metal covering inside the nose, Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Shauna Willard wrote in her affidavit.


Florida Judge Berated Sick Woman Who Died Days Later

Judges wield a lot of power. Particularly in their courtrooms, where they are the ultimate authority and their attitude can set the tone for the entire proceeding. Generally speaking, judges are able to balance their power with the quest for justice. But in those instances when the scale gets overly weighted on the side of power, well, the results are just awful.

Take the recent example of Sandra Faye Twiggs, 59, who appeared before Judge Merrilee Ehrlich, a Broward County Florida circuit court judge, on April 15th facing misdemeanor charges following a dispute with her daughter. According to reporting by the Miami Herald, this was Twiggs’s first brush with the law, and it was destined to be her last.

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