Celebrated Cop Was Robbing Drug Dealers

Baltimore police officer Wayne Jenkins was living a double life. He was an admired leader of aggressive street squads and would head the elite Gun Trace Task Force, one of the Baltimore Police Department’s go-to assets in the fight against violent crime. He was also the ringleader of a criminal enterprise of police officers who robbed people and sold drugs, reports the Baltimore Sun. The indictment of Jenkins and six of his officers on federal racketeering charges rocked Baltimore in 2017. A squad of veteran cops stood accused of committing numerous robberies, as well as extortion and overtime fraud. Many Baltimore residents had long distrusted the police, and more so after the death of Freddie Gray. The scope and breadth of these allegations were staggering.

Inside the police department, the Gun Trace Task Force was known for its success in capturing suspected drug dealers, their stashes and their illegal firearms. Jenkins was celebrated as a leader with an uncanny knack for delivering the goods. If his arrest was stunning, the depiction of his crimes wasn’t news to everyone. Some drug dealers told their lawyers that Jenkins made stuff up to arrest them and had kept a good chunk of their money and drugs. A Sun investigation found warning signs that Jenkins wasn’t such a good cop. His supervisors either failed to see the red flags or chose to ignore them. From 2006 to 2009, Jenkins was the subject of at least four lawsuits alleging misconduct. The plaintiffs prevailed in three of them, but they  triggered no internal punishment. Jenkins’ supervisors failed to scrutinize arrests he was making. He was getting suspects off the street, but his cases weren’t holding up in court. Reporter Justin Fenton spent a year investigating Jenkins and his officers. He is writing a book about the case.

via The Crime Report http://bit.ly/2myW3Gx

June 18, 2019 at 11:26AM